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Conscious Collective Health

Kelowna's Holistic Mental Health Center

Do you feel like you have a part time job trying to micromanage your own health?  Are you lost at where to start?  Do you want expert individualized care?


We look at all aspect of what it is to be well:

  • Physical body: How is your body functioning? Are all the systems working together? Do you feel good inside yourself?

  • Mental self:  How are do your thoughts affect you?  Are your ways of thinking preventing you from achieving your true desires?

  • Spiritual self: Do you feel internally driven and know inner self, instead of being swayed by others?

  • Emotional body: How do your feelings affect the way you present yourself in your life?  How do your feelings affect your body and connection with others?

  • Energetic body: Are you able to contain your energy?  Are you able protect your boundaries? 

We are an integrative mental health clinic with a focus on mental health, mind body connection, and true amalgamation of ALL parts of self.  Our end goal is to have you feel empowered and develop the skills, discover your true-self, tools and resiliency to lead a life that you desire.  Through this process you will foster Inner strength, maintain your wellness, balance your mind and learn how to  follow your own inner guidance. 

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Our Story:

Before we knew each other we were both working at different clinics with a limited segregated approach, disconnecting mind and body.  We felt overworked, underpaid, and isolated as practitioners.  We also felt there wasn't a unified approach to patient care that addressed the many aspects of a person. 

We also both had a similar vision of creating a new kind of healthcare: Manifesting a business to build a unique clinic that not only empowered the clients but also empowered the associates and team members. It was important to create a safe space that fostered leaders, helped the community and made an impact in the world.  


We both ended up going to the same retreat, but placed in different groups.  We  shared our vision in our respective circles.  The founder noticed we had the same dream, and introduced us.  We met at a coffee shop and realized we had both found what we were looking for! A business partner with the same values and beliefs, the vision of empowering clients, having associates, and a team that we could inspire and grow within and in community. Basically...


Everyone in their OWN power and freedom. 


3 months later Conscious Collective Health was born!  We are excited to share our dream with you. Our clinic not only has practitioners but a great room for collaboration, community talks, and retreats and offers mentorship programs for fellow practitioners. 

Samantha Robinson RCC and Dr. Rena Saini ND  

Treatments Offered:

Counselling, Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition,  Acupuncture & Mind-body Medicine.
Floating in the Sea

Get to know us!

Learn about us through our newsletter where we will talk about our upcoming courses, retreats, group work and healing tips!
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