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Emily Fentie RD

Emily is a Registered Dietitian that practices from a non-diet and weight-inclusive lens. She is passionate about helping people heal from disordered eating and cultivate a peaceful relationship with food.


Emily supports eating disorder recovery, chronic dieters looking for an alternative to dieting, and helps clients living with polycystic ovarian syndrome navigate nutrition therapy in a weight-inclusive environment. She helps clients lead a life free of restriction, dieting and food rules, and instead tune into their body’s internal cues to best support their health and well-being. She is excited to work in partnership with you to find a way of eating that brings you joy and one that allows for more space for other wonderful parts of your life. 

Outside of her work with clients, she loves to explore new hiking trails with her dog, Frankie, and ending the day with a game of cribbage. She is happiest in nature or at home cooking delicious food for her friends and family.

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