The Clinic

What we offer: 


Individual, Couples or Group Counselling

Individual Counselling is aimed at helping you to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life, with stresses that can cause mood disregulation. Individual, couples or group therapy can help with a wide range of life difficulties or transitions including but not limited to: 

  • stress

  • burn out

  • life transitions

  • anxiety, depression, apathy, panic, overwhelm, or emotional flooding

  • trauma,

  • grief and loss

  • relationship conflict and difficulties.

  • divorce

  • disordered relationships with food or body

Counsellors use a variety of tools that are indiviualized to your treatment.  Some therapies include CBT, EMDR, Somatic therapy, talk therapy etc. 


Herbal Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic heals the whole individual by addressing the mental, emotional and physical imbalances in the body.  Common therapies used are supplements, herbs, acupuncture, testing, nutrition and mind-body therapy.  When you balance the body's physiology your mood will be regulated, you will have more energy and your emotions will be calmer. 


Juice Bottles


 A Nutritionalist has advanced education in nutrition and biochemisty.  They use this training to help clients improve their health and wellness through food. Working with a nutritionalist can help people reverse illness and recover from an eating disorders.