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White Lillies

Our Mission

Our mission is to help remind You that your are whole, You can heal completely, and You can create a beautiful ripple in this world.  We strive to bring out the BEST version of yourself, where you can live from a heart centered place to live the life you have always dreamed of. 

Our Values

Person centered – we believe everything starts and ends with you. Our focus is to help you achieve what you want to achieve. 

Ethical Integrity – we operate at the highest of ethical practice and are transparent in that endeavour. We believe in “saying what we do and doing what we say.”

Compassion – as a wise person once said “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  The process of helping starts and ends with the foundation of compassion that develops a safe, trusting relationship from which to explore and discovery solutions neither of us could discover alone.

Authentic – as wounded healers, we have struggled on our own and bring everything we are to the helping relationship. None of us are “perfect” or ‘have all the answers.”  Instead, we leverage our own humanness to your advantage to develop strategies that are uniquely your own.

Lifelong Learning – As professionals, we are committed to lifelong learning that informs our ability to help. We understand that personal and professional development is a process, not a destination. Healing wounds, evolving and transforming ourselves and our relationships that reflect our integrity and commitment to the helping process.

Samantha Robinson RCC and Dr. Rena Saini ND  

Clinic Co-Owners of Conscious Collective Health

The Clinic

What we offer: 

Individual, Couples or Group Counselling

Individual Counselling is aimed at helping you to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life, with stresses that can cause mood disregulation. Individual, couples or group therapy can help with a wide range of life difficulties or transitions including but not limited to: 

  • Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Fears & Phobias 

  • Depression & Low Mood

  • Mood Disorders 

  • Suicidality/Self-harm  

  • Trauma/PTSD (Single Incident & Complex Trauma)  

  • Sexual Assault/Sexual Abuse & Sexuality 

  • Various Trauma 

  • Dissociation & Dissociative disorder 

  • Eating disorders & Body Image/Body Acceptance 

  • Boundaries/Assertiveness

  • Burnout & Stress 

  • Grief & Loss 

  • Anger & Irritability 

  • Addiction & Dependency 

  • Relationship Support & Relational Skill Building

  • Couples Therapy (Commitment and/or Divorce) 

  • Personal growth & Skill Building (Ex: Communication Skills) 

Counsellors use a variety of tools that are indiviualized to your treatment.  Some therapies include CBT, EMDR, Somatic therapy, talk therapy etc. 


Herbal Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic heals the whole individual by addressing the mental, emotional and physical imbalances in the body using Evidence Based and Traditional approaches.  Common therapies used are supplements, hormones, herbs, acupuncture, testing, nutrition and mind-body therapy.  When you balance the body's physiology your mood will be regulated, you will have more energy and your emotions will be calmer.

A Naturopathic Doctor can help balance/address: 

  • Nervous system dis-regulation

  • Emotional and mental support (depression, anxiety, mood, stress, burnout, apathy, anger, personal growth, habits)

  • Physical ailments (autoimmune, gut health, mood, low energy, cortisol imbalance, nutrition, healthy habits, pain, brain fog, hormonal imbalance  )

  • Neurotransmitter testing (serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine)

  • Hormonal testing (cortisol, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen progesterone and all metabolites, organic acids)

  • Prescription medication and blood testing.

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